Race Preparation

We can Hand Build Racing Jaguars to your own specifications. We can modify your standard Jaguar to Racing Specifications.
Handbuilt 3.8 racer Cockpit
Custom built pedal box Wiring loom & hydraulic resevoirs
Engine Detail Fuel tank mounting

Hand built aluminium body

We can offer:
  • Corner weight set-ups
  • Camber & Caster angle set-ups
  • Eliminate "Bumpsteer"
  • Anti Roll bars manufactured by us to suit your car
  • Braking upgrades
  • Steering & Steering geometry upgrades
  • Rolling Road Tuning for peak performance
For Optimum performance any car can be subjected to a rolling road session. Fine tuning can often produce quite a large power & torque increase. It is not unknown for an increase of 20% just by optimising engine performance by small carburation & ignition adjustments.
Suspension detail Ready to race
A standard car prepared for racing