We all know that car development is carried out on the race track

For the last 5 years we have been preparing and supporting five of the Racing XK's.

It has now risen to eight!

We have designed and manufactured in-house all the parts that have enabled these cars to be front-runners in their classes.

We are now ready to prepare your XK for life in modern traffic, rallies or racing.

  • Uprated brake conversions using thicker discs - 4 pot calipers on the front, 2 pot calipers on the rear.
  • Aluminium calipers are also available for road and rally use.
  • tailor-made anti-roll bars (one size does not fit all as the weight and the set-up of your car plays a large part of the diameter required).

photo by kind permission of xkjaguar.co.uk

  • High performance engines built to customer's specification.
  • Tailor-made single and twin free flowing exhaust systems.
  • We carry out corner weight set-ups and geometry checks

We now know what works and what doesn't

Parts Section Under Construction.


All the parts listed are only available from us and no other supplier.